Wisnu Foundation actively facilitates a grassroots approach, working directly with local communities to responsibly manage their own living space also known as the inherent natural and social values of a village. Our approach primarily arises from assets based community development pioneered by John P. Kretzmann and John L. McKnight. We actively seek strengths, opportunities and assets when collaborating and engaging with communities.

We are committed to fulfilling place-based community resource management co-creating with each specific village partner to develop programs, activities and systems. Through this approach, we find knowledge is exchanged, networks emerge and sustainable systems seamlessly integrate into traditional village life as our toolkits are based upon each communities own unique natural resources, intrinsic social values and preexisting institutions.

Our Community Resource Management Toolkit includes the following:

Strategic Village Planning

• Participatory Socio-cultural Research
• Spatial Mapping and Zoning
• Strategic Planning
• Environmental Assessment
• Village Ecotourism Surveys
• Desa Hebat Survey

Community Empowerment

• Village Governance and Networking
• Community-based Tourism
• Integrated Waste Management
• Social Business
• Renewable Energy
• Sustainable Forest Management

Integrated Information Systems

• Desa Hebat
• Village Information System
• Environmental Education
• Hygiene and Sanitation
• Media and Publications



The Village Ecotourism Network also known as Jaringan Ekowisata Desa (JED) was launched in 2002 in response to the current tourism trends in Bali. It was designed and is owned by the communities of four Balinese villages – Kiadan Pelaga, Dukuh Sibetan, Tenganan Pegringsingan and Ceningan Island – on behalf of the administrative and founding support provided by the Wisnu Foundation.

  • JED is planned and managed by the community in each village.
  • The funds generated through JED tourism activities support community development and environmental conservation activities.
  • JED aims to strengthen transparent and democratic decision-making and cooperation in and between the villages.
  • JED trips are designed to have minimal impact on the local environment.
  • JED aims to foster cross-cultural understanding through facilitating discussions between Balinese locals and outside visitors.

Find out more about JED and how you can get involved and come visit a village.


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