The Wisnu Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization based in Indonesia specializing in community resource management. The organization’s area of focus actively facilitates a grassroots approach, working directly with local communities to sustainably manage their own natural and social resources. Wisnu builds capacity and awareness by catalyzing local stewardship and community action while providing leadership and organizational support. The foundation specializes in community empowerment programs, strategic village planning, village ecotourism networks and integrated waste management systems.

The Wisnu Foundation has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience over the past 24 years, acting as a transparent and accountable facilitator to bridge the gap between grant making institutions and the needs of local communities within Indonesia. The organization has received grants and worked closely with donors such as the Indonesian Biodiversity Trust Fund (KEHATI), Samdhana Institute, The British Council, Association of American Geographers, Bank Mandiri and the Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics.

The Wisnu Foundation’s mission is ‘to be an independent, reputable and trusted social institution of sustainable community-based resource management’.

The Foundation’s actions are firmly established upon socially just principles, which incorporate a non-discriminatory respect for human rights, gender equality, environmental conservation and the preservation of local wisdom. Wisnu’s current core constituent village network includes 18 villages in Bali, while, the organization has worked closely with an additional 30 villages in Bali and is in the initial stages of a ridge to reef approach program with five villages in East Halmahera, North Maluku. The organization has engaged with villages and district government officials in workshops, learning exchanges and research activities throughout all of Indonesia (from east to west) as well as, regionally in southeast Asia (Japan, Malaysia, East Timor and Thailand). Moreover, Wisnu has hosted students and interns from all over the world at the organization’s learning hub headquartered in Bali.



Ni Made “Denik” Puriati – Executive Director.

I Gede Sujana – Village Ecotourism and Economy Manager

Atiek Kurnianingasih – Research and Mapping Program Manager.

I Gede Sugiarta – Information Management Program Manager.

Tari Indra Putri – Finance & Accounting

I Komang Gede – Human Resources and Administration

Ellie Lovett – Technical Advisor


I Made “Suar” Suarnatha – Pak Suar, a Balinese environmentalist, founded Wisnu in 1993 and was the Executive Director of the organization until early 2017 as he now resides on the Supervisory Board. Pak Suar is a community organization facilitator, empowerment practitioner and village arbiter. He has traveled all over the world speaking at conferences and engaging in learning exchanges. Pak Suar has applied his knowledge and experiences to sustainable village development in Bali as a founder of the village ecotourism network while assisting and consulting for communities all over Indonesia.

I Ketut Sumarta – Consulting in village customs and culture, Pak Ketut has served as the Secretary General of the Pakraman Village. Pak Ketut is an active writer, conflict mediator and advocator of indigenous rights.

Agung Alit –Pak Agung is one of the founders of the Wisnu Foundation as well as being the Secretary General of the Fair Trade Forum of Indonesia. Pak Agung is a humanitarian and environmentalist active in social justice, public welfare and sustainable economies.

I Made Japa – Pak Made is a coffee farmer and head of the local community in Kiadan Pelaga. Additionally, Pak Made has led village mapping programs and actively manages village ecotourism groups.

I Made Sumiarta – A health and medical professional, Pak Made has assisted in the development of the traditional village of Prajuru, lead village mapping teams and created a school committee for his village.

I Made Sujana – Cofounder of the Village Ecotourism Network, Pak Made is a village mapping specialist also active in the assembly of community cooperatives and farming.

I Nyoman Sadra – Cofounder of the Village Ecotourism Network (JED), Pak Nyoman has an extensive background in managing social institutions with experience in legislative and executive functions. Outside of this, Pak Nyoman practices acupuncture, teaches and is a social worker.


Wisnu has received grants and worked closely with the Indonesian Biodiversity Conservation Trust Fund (KEHATI), Global Environmental Facility, The Samdhana Institute, Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics, British Council in Indonesia, TIFA Foundation, Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Program, Indonesia for Humanity and Cordaid.

Previous joint work collaborations include World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Bali, Bali PPLH (Center for Education of a Living Forest), Insist Yogyakarta and Non-Timber Forest Products Indonesia. Additionally, Wisnu has consulted as facilitators and researchers directly for local and international NGOs and local governments throughout Indonesia including Aceh, Jambi and Palembang in Sumatra;  Manggarai and Labuhan Bajo in Flores; Wakatobi, Bantaeng, Sangihe in Sulawesi; Tual, Haruku, Ambon in Maluku and Biak, Jayapura in West Papua and southeast Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Timor Leste).


Overtime, Wisnu has been able to develop a reputable national and international network. We are a founding member of Jaringan Ekowisata Desa (JED/Village Ecotourism Network) and participate actively within Indonesian Society for Social Transformation (INSIST), Southeast Asia Popular Communication Program (SEAPCP) and Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara (AMAN).


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Environmental Company Award
World Travel Market 1998

Innovation for Tourism in Indonesia 

Ministry of Tourism and Culture 2004


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